Molu Hydroelectric Power Plant

Süksün Regulator and Molu HEPP

Our first power plant, MOLU Hydroelectric Power Plant, was built on Karasu, a branch of Kızılırmak, and was commissioned in November 2001.

Molu Hydroelectric Power Plant is one of Turkey’s first private power plants. It is also the first power plant in our country that produces energy from waste water and can provide uninterrupted energy to a facility by switching from parallel operation to island operation by balancing the load in case of network loss.

Facility Name : Süksün Regulator and Molu HEPP
Facility Location : Beydeğirmeni Village
Purpose : Energy Production
Basin : Kızılırmak
Wate : Karasu Stream
Facility Type : Channeled River Type
Investment Start Date : 06/2000
Entry Date to Trial Business : 11/2001
Provisional Acceptance Date : 04.04.2002
Body Fill Type : Channel
Maximum Water Level : 1023.87 m
Minimum Water Level : 1018.50 m
Installation Power : 3.33 MWh
Net Head : 43.5 m
Turbine Type : Horizontal Axis Francis
Unit Quantity : 2
Annual Production Capacity : 28.03 GWh


Address: Ankara-Yozgat Yolu 31.Km Beydeğirmeni / KAYSERİ / TÜRKİYE

Phone: +90 (352) 385 83 10