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Süksün Zafer Mahallesi Sedef Bulvarı No:144 İncesu/KAYSERİ

Tax Office: Mimarsinan

Tax Number: 6220046868

Phone: +90 (352) 697 40 42


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Our Integrated Management Systems Policy

To continuously improve our system in order to always catch and maintain customer satisfaction, together with these improvements; In all our activities with our commitment to being open to public access with our sensitivity to society, environment, customers, quality and our employees;

  • Adhering to legal and legislative conditions,
    To meet customer expectations by providing quality products and services on time,
  • To use the most environmentally compatible materials and technology in line with production targets,
  • To use our resources in a way that creates the least waste,
  • To prevent loss of national wealth and unconscious consumption of resources,
  • To be the leading organization in the prevention of environmental pollution,
  • It is our company principle to ensure that the works are carried out in a safe and secure manner in terms of the health of the employees.

To reduce risks and prevent occupational accidents by applying advanced technology and methods that will ensure worker health and work safety, to produce error-free in line with customer requests and expectations and to provide error-free service to the customer, to ensure that our employees adopt the understanding of quality and actively participate in the Integrated Management System by organizing a continuous training program. It is our general policy.

Our Human Resources Policy

Employee; Our company, which has an understanding that sees people not as personnel, but as a resource rather than a cost element, strives to establish policies that enable human resources to work in the most effective, efficient and highly motivated manner. Our aim is to provide the optimum number of employment and to make the most effective use of the knowledge, skills and abilities of the employees. In this context;

  • To prioritize the motivation of our employees and their loyalty to the Company,
  • To protect the material and moral rights of our employees,
  • To create equality of opportunity among our employees,
  • Evaluating our valuable human resources for new positions,
  • Evaluating the most suitable candidate in personnel recruitment, taking into account not only the needs of today but also the future.
  • Selecting candidates through transparent processes to offer equal opportunities,
  • To create a safe, healthy and peaceful working environment in terms of occupational safety and worker health and to ensure the continuity of this environment.
  • Establishing and operating systems that will enable our employees to develop, work with high performance and advance in their careers
    To determine the training needs of our employees, to prepare and implement training programs,
  • To make arrangements to increase work efficiency and work efficiency,
  • To appreciate and reward our high-performing employees as much as possible,
  • Our basic principles are to constantly review, update and improve our Human Resources Policy.